Welcome to Watercolor!

Welcome to the beautiful world of watercolor! This is something you can do and I would love to show you how!

Basic Materials List

To ease your entry into this wonderful craft, I’ve put together a Basic Materials List that you can purchase from Amazon for under $30 dollars. I don’t want you to spend any more money than is necessary. As strange as it might sound, watercolor isn’t for everyone, so I don’t want you spending a large sum of money to find out if this is something you want to pursue.


Below is an list of lessons that I would recommend you do in order as they will build on one-another.

Lesson 1: Getting to Know The Materials

Goals: Getting to know your tools, reviewing the Basic Materials List.

Lesson 2: All About Washes!

Goals: Understanding watercolor washes.

Lesson 3: Transferring Images

Goals: Learn how to use the free, downloadable, sketches for future lessons.

Lesson 4: Rolling Green Fields

Goals: Layering watercolor washes.

Resources: Printable Drawing (coming soon)

Lesson 5: The Color Wheel

Goals: Basic Color Theory.

Resources: Video coming soon!, Printable Color Wheel Pattern